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    I was curious if anyone else has read the anime +Anima. It has always been one of my favorites and Husky has been a (simple) dream Cosplay of mine. Now that I've gotten into mermaiding, I think it would be super unique to cosplay him in tail.

    But I was curious what everyone else thought about the gender roles and how he had to pretend to be a girl to make money as a mermaid princess.

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    No I have not but it sounds worth a read I shall look it up

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    I read it all. And i loved it.
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    I loved Husky's tail design when I first saw it. It was my first time seeing art of a mermaid with all of those fins. It looked so cool! (I know he's a boy but I'm referring to that very first image where he's performing as a mermaid princess.)

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    I loved that series in high school! A Husky tail would totally be cool!


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