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Thread: Mermaid Lazuli's T-Shirt Shop

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    Mermaid Lazuli's T-Shirt Shop

    I really hope this post is in the right place... Please let me know!

    Anyway, I've recently opened a mermaid-themed t-shirt shop on Teespring so merfolk can show their mer-pride even out of their tails.
    As of right now, design selection is a bit limited but more designs, color choices, and product options are going to be added all the time! Merfolk-themed beach towels are definitely coming soon.

    Here are a few current designs:
    Name:  freshwater mermaid.PNG
Views: 137
Size:  132.8 KBName:  mermaid lifeguard.PNG
Views: 141
Size:  108.6 KBName:  swimming with the fishes.PNG
Views: 137
Size:  131.8 KB

    Sizes range from XS to 2XL! I'm working on editing some of the sweatshirt prices down a bit as well as offering more products for the mermen out there!

    Link is here!:

    -The Michigan Merrow-
    - lady of the lake -

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    OH I love the freshwater mermaid shirt. If I wasn't about to buy very expensive stuff for my tail, I might've bought one. :> good luck with business.

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    If you’re good to go with pressed for time, you might also want to look at a custom t-shirts that’s close around. If the printer is local to you, you can probably save a day or two by arranging to pick up your own order. Wholesale printing company offers you a specific quantity at a best price. This will help your brand to be more profitable.

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