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Thread: Hurricane Irma mer-memes

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    Hurricane Irma mer-memes

    I live in the caribbean, and many of you know, Hurricane Irma is coming and it's going to hit us hard on Thursday morning.

    I received this image from a friend who, unknowingly, made a meme with merfolk (And he doesn't know i'm merfolk XD). It's basically a joke on our university since it won't suspend classes on Thursday because of Irma, and the uni would be flooded XD.

    So here it is: (It says "The day hurricane Irma arrives", our uni saying "Today we have class", the image of people putting tails on and them saying "We're ready").

    Name:  vertical-pan-of-allspice-on-white-background-this-video-was-shoot-using-custom-light-set-up-with.png
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    That's great lol hope Irma doesn't hit y'all as hard as Harvey hit us here in Houston !!! Wish I had my tail when it hit. They hate closeing colleges.

    Stay safe !!!!!

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    Hahaha. Hi, there beautiful mermaids! Love your tail's color.

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    Jajajajajaja esta bueno el meme... Saludos!

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    Muy bien. Esto es divertido.

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