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Thread: How to untan tanned face?

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    How to untan tanned face?

    Because of the sun, my face has tanned and become a couple of shades darker than rest of my body.
    What are the solutions to get rid of the tan in the face? Basically I want my face to go back to the normal original color. I no more wear any sunblock (do their actually protect against getting tanned?), I tried a few but all of them caused some sort of problems, so I no more wear any sunblock and just try to avoid sun as much as I can. But since the sun is up from 6 am to 8 pm, I get exposed to sun everyday for few minutes.
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    Check some chinese/asian shops. Bleaching and "whitening" lotions are all the rage in Asia, maybe they sell them even elsewhere.
    I'm not sure if those won't be worse than sunblock tho, never tried them myself.

    Other than that, all you can do is wear a broad cap/hat with a shade. Or expose more of your body, so the tan is more uniform

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    Yes sunscreen works.
    You just have to find a good one.
    I live in Australia, and tan so dang quickly. I always wear a 50spf sunscreen if I know I'm going to be outside for a while.
    Try to find cancer council endorsed ones, as they are the best. (At least, that is the case in Australia)
    But as Echidna also says, many Asian beauty brands have 'whitening' products.
    Or!! Embrace it! You should see my two (sometimes three) toned body! Especially in summer! Variation is natural. <3

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