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Thread: Tybee Island, GA Merfolk Swim

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    Tybee Island, GA Merfolk Swim

    Hello, everyone! I posted this on the Georgia/ Florida Mermaids page on Facebook, but I figured I'd share it here too. I wanted to head down to Tybee Island, GA on the 15th of October from 11 am - 2 pm for a swim during low tide. I invited a lot of other mers to join in but if I missed you, or you aren't apart of that Facebook page, you're welcome to join us too.

    Tybee does enforce an island-wide pay for parking policy. It's $2 an hour but I can assure you, Tybee is totally worth it!
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    Hey there! I'm a new mermaid in Athens, GA (roughly 4 hours from Tybee Island lol) and i know this thread is old, but I'm trying to put out feelers for potential swims this year. The quarantine has me feeling incredibly land-locked, but i still want to make sure precautions are taken in public areas, assuming they're even still open lol. At any rate, i wanted to introduce myself and say I'm not too far away!

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