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Thread: Selling my MerNation tail :(

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    Selling my MerNation tail :(

    Hi guys, would anyone be interested in a single colour, full silicone MerNation tail? I was a size 16 when I bought it and I've lost too much weight for alterations. It's fitted with a finis rapid, that fits from about a size 5 women's to at least a size 9 foot. The tail is a gorgeous silver with metallic violet pigment, the top is the same and the bracers have an ombre silver to violet colouring, the tail colour shifts in water and in pictures,(see below) It's almost invisible in the water with the sun shining on it. I'll be selling the silicone top too, its a 36 F but could probably fit smaller or bigger with an extender clasp. Exact measurements will be added in the comments when I find them
    I'm asking £1500 for the tail, top and bracers, postage to be added. I'm based in Scotland, for anyone who could pick up as it would be quite expensive to post, the tail alone weighs around 50lbs.

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    Omg this is exactly my size!! But i live in US

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    What are the measurements? I don't have the money to buy it (unfortunately, much less ship it to Canada), however I'm sure potential buyers would be very interested to know the exact sizing.

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    Sorry, I completely forgot to add measurements.
    waist 45in
    hips 51in

    thighs 41in
    knees 29 and a half in
    calves 28in
    ankles 17in
    waist to ankle 42in
    waist to hip 7in
    waist to knees 25 in
    waist to floor 48in

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    Wow, it's actually a little too big for me, but it's so nice to see a larger silicone tail on the market for once! I feel like every time someone is selling a tail it's always way too skinny or long for me, but I hope someone else out sees this and snatches it up! It's beautiful too, silver tails are so underrated and look amazingly real in water.
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