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Thread: Mertailor's new monofin?

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    Mertailor's new monofin?

    As someone who lurks on a few tailmaking sites to see if they have cool stuff, I noticed that the mertailor has made a silicone monofin called the Fantasea fin that is similar to the Luna but with a different fluke shape and closer foot pockets.
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    It looks very trimmed down, only the fluke tips and foot pockets remaining. Doesn't look like it would do for lap swimming or doing zoomies.
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    I saw a video of it in action on Facebook. It hardly looks like it has any propulsion.
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    I wasn't impressed when I saw the footage on Instagram. It looks like it has zero propulsion. I like the lime green color option. But between the price point and the footage, I wouldn't even consider it. Personally if I'm going to go with a tail shaped monofin, I think I would still go with the Mahina.

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