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    Talking Here I am

    So well... Yeah, here I am.

    I am a mermaid from Austria, bought my first tail about half a year ago (looked for tails about another 6 moths) and found out about this site quite recently. The reasons why I am here: to find other mers, with whoom I might start a pod.

    But also: I am a quite busy mermaid, so I might go missing from time to time, but I will always come back (so please don't be upset if I don't reply for some time)

    Then the last thing I want to say: my profile isn't set up nicely, so don't look at that (unless you want sore eyes)

    Kind regards

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    Welcome to the waters! Good to have you ^.^

    I disappear frequently too, life gets in the way! Hopefully this will be a great place for you to make some new merfriends and learn about what you love.

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    Welcome to MerNetwork!

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    Welcome to the waters Solaris.
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    Welcome to the mernetwork.

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    Hi and welcome! Dont worry about poofing from time to time. We all have real life so Im sure no one would be sore about that <3 Im no where near you in real life but, I hope we can be great online friends!

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    Welcome to our community!

    I'm pretty much the same way being busy, I totally went rogue for 4 years and here I am again

    I hope you find the friends you're looking for! I'm sure you will--there are so many mers who feel they are alone in their areas, and then they come here and discover a whole community they had no idea about! Such excitement <3

    P.S. - Profile formatting on this site is so confusing to me, it took me 6 years to actually sit down and figure it out Just wait until you're bored enough to play around with it, you'll figure it out.


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    Hi Veronika.


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