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Thread: Nebraska Merfolk?

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    Nebraska Merfolk?


    I am pretty new to mermaiding, it's been almost a year since I got my fabric tail! I was wondering if there are any Nebraska mermaids who would like to swim together and learn, so I can prepare myself for a silicone tail!😍

    -Axelle Mermaid!

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    Hi Axelle! I'm in Omaha and am also working with a fabric tail.

    -The Michigan Merrow-
    - lady of the lake -

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    I’ll be visiting Kearney the week of thanksgiving if you’re near there?
    Mermaid Titania
    A traveling mermaid - mostly west coast USA and abroad but you'll never know where she might pop up!

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    I'm in Omaha, is that near Kearney? I'm not too familiar with Nebraska!

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    What fabric tail do you have, Mermaid Lazuli?

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    A Mertailor EcoTail (in Lorelei Green).

    -The Michigan Merrow-
    - lady of the lake -

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    We should swim together! Where do you swim? I started swimming at diventures open swim!

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    I live In NE but Kearney Area. Anyone Around Kearney NE?

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    I am too far east in NE.


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