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Thread: Dolphins and Whales Have Sophisticated Human-Like Societies

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    Dolphins and Whales Have Sophisticated Human-Like Societies

    I liked this article about how brainy dolphins and whales are, and how it may be what's behind the very sophisticated societies they live in

    LOL, I loved the story about the dolphin who was getting rewarded for cleaning up litter, so she started tearing up the pieces of paper so she could get more rewards.

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    Dolphins and whales have some amazing social lives. In orca pods; orcas have such large Insulas that they possibly can feel the pod as one ego, or one collaborated mind. With such a connection that it's nearly impossible for a human to image.

    Sperm whales have such precise echolocation that scientist believe that they are able to send eachother 3d images as a form of communication! Imagine that!

    But honestly it's not marine mammals that are intelligent. I highly recommend the book " What a Fish Knows" . It's full of scientific research and personal accounts of How fish, feel pain, live complex social lives, have incredible memory and even work together with fish of different species. One example in the book talks about the complex social behavior of cleaner wrass. Because cleaner wrass may clean up to 2000 fish a day, it is a very competitive business. The wrass will acquire a reputation from other fish. The fish will watch and make sure they do a good job before coming to them to be cleaned. The Wrass is tempted to do a bad job by the nutritional and tasty value of eating the mucus off fish scales, which actually hurts the fish by doing so. Research has shown that a wrass is more likely to bite a customer if there is no fish watching. Likewise a fish bit too many times is likely never to return to that particular wrass. Doesn't sound much different then a hair or nail salon to me .

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    Fish are very, very intelligent as well.

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    Talking about Dolphins have sophisticated human-like society, it reminds me of a mother dolphin. Remember when they they say that once you become a mother, you will not getting enough sleep because of the new baby? Same with Dolphin! Mother Dolphin will trying to stay awake and sleep with one eye open to keep her baby safe from any potential predators, like shark. And when I say one eye open, it is literally one sleep with one eye open! This is the advantage that Dolphin has that call "Unihemispheric Sleep".


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