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Thread: Whatever happened to Mermaids R Us?

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    Whatever happened to Mermaids R Us?

    Whatever happened to Mermaids R Us? They're listed in the Buying Tails thread, but they've taken down all their sites and won't answer their email messages.
    I actually bring this up now (rather than before when I've just mused about it) because they just posted 3 silicone tails on ebay for really cheap. (Here's one of them:

    Any ideas, thoughts, wonderings?

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    My guess is they closed down when they made few sales and are selling off their sample tails.

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    Their domain expired and went up for sale. I actually bought it, haha.

    I would assume they made so few sales that it wasn’t worth paying for a domain and have probably moved to a smaller, cheaper platform.

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    they made crappy tails that fell apart and were largely made from dangerous alex plus, and poor quality silicone caulking.

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    I had a look at their Facebook page and now they've moved to I don't know if the website is the exact same as the old one because I never saw the old one before. Are their fabric tails good? All I can find are older (pre-2014) reviews about their silicone tails and they seem very disappointing.

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