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Thread: East Coast Mermaid Festival

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    East Coast Mermaid Festival

    Hey everyone!

    I am doing the initial research into hosting a small scale mermaid festival/convention here in my home province of NS. It's geared toward Canadians, but of course, anyone is welcome.

    I found out there's a fair bit of funding available through my city and provincial government for putting on these events, they also facilitate local volunteers. These were my two main reservations about holding an event.

    For now I am working with a team to put together funding applications, and doing initial pitches to my preferred venues. It's a lot easier doing something on my own turf

    So I thought I'd start a thread here just to keep info out there. I have some preferred dates but it'll depend on the venues and time-lines for the funding applications and awards.

    Since Mermania went on hiatus I have really felt down knowing there hasn't been many excuses for people to get together. I really want to start cultivating the industry more in Canada, and I think this will help!

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    That sounds like a lot of fun! Would there be import fees or any issues for mers traveling with tails from the US to Canada (by car or plane?)
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    you only pay fees if you're actually importing something - just bringing your regular luggage and tails- things you already own, wont cause you to have any fees. When returning home you have to identify items that you'be bought but so long as they're under $3000 USD total you're fine and wont be charged any fees.

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    I’m in!

    (Just as long as my dates work in between shown cities )

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    it would be really cool to have you on a a panel derek!

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    Iíve never left this coast of the US, let alone the country, but Iím looking forward to all the pictures! Best of luck and well wishes to you, Raina! Iím sure youíll make something wonderful!

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    This sounds like so much fun, I've never been a part of anything like this.

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    Oooh interesting!


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