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Thread: Is being a human decoration devaluing?

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    Is being a human decoration devaluing?

    Recently I was talking to a family member and the topic of professional mermaiding came up. They expressed the opinion that sitting at an event and looking mermaidy is devaluing a person; that it is hiring someone simply for their appearence.
    What do you guys think of this?
    What is your opinion?

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    If its what you choose to do then it is not at all devaluing!

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    A similar thread as a question kinda like this. Within the christianity thread, I believe it was asked of a person can be a mermaid and true to their faith. The answer came down to as long as you are honest about who you are and you are doing more positive with passing a message of love; you are doing more good in the word. Basically you are improving yourself as a person by spreading more good and giving people something positive to believe in.


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