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Thread: Mersona Character Sheet!

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    Land name: Elizabeth.

    Mername: Keto.

    Species of mer: Deep Sea Mermaid (tend to stay alone but open up once you get to know them, stay around 100ft to 300ft, have dark tail colors, light skin, eat anything, sleeps in caves/caverns).

    Story: Keto never really knew she was a mermaid, even though she was always swimming. When she was eight, her mother got her a monofin which she fell in love with. Ever since that day she knew. She has tried to connect with herself for many years, and with each passing year, does. Now Keto knows what type of mer she is and much more. Keto really just wants to learn as much as she can and swim the day away!

    Tail color: right now - blue, in the future - black with highlights of green/blue/purple.

    Eye color: golden brown.

    Hair color: brown with faint red highlights.

    Favorite mer accessory: pears.

    What my human self can't leave without: earbuds and music player.

    What my mermaid self can't leave without: dagger.


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    I had to put in a meme . . . I'm sorry. In all seriousness, my favorite mer accessory are shells! So pretty!!!


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    Land name- Abigail

    Mer name- Abby (doesn't like making things complicated)

    Species of Mermaid- Selkie; although not always considered a mermaid some translations refer to them as sea or "mer" people.

    Story- Growing up, she was always fascinated with watching and interacting with the local harbor seals, often preferring their company over human kind. Growing up near the water, she was always prone to swimming whenever possible, finding solace in the water moreso than on land. After learning of the mer community, she finally found a place she feels she could belong truly. When seeing all the beautiful tails out there, she was a little intimidated by all the pretty colors out there so she searched and searched, trying to find her own mer-identity. Something she could call her own and be proud of. Then she remembered all the time she spent as a child, playing with the seals on the docs and she realised, that was what felt right to her. It felt like her.

    Tail color- dark brown

    Eyes- vary between deep blue with hints of brown to pitch black.

    Hair- Dirty blonde and short

    Favorite mer accessory- her Irish marble necklace from her human husband.

    What human self can't leave without- her comb (what little hair she keeps on her head is often stubborn and it feels good to use)

    What her mer-self can't leave without- her only (and favorite) mer accessory.

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    Welcome Selkie Abby! Your mersona is a pleasure to read about

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    Land name:Talyn

    Mername: Hadrea

    Species of mer: narwhal

    Personality: Shy but playful. If you can make them laugh they'll open up more.

    Gender: Nonbinary (they/them)

    Story: Born human, they were thrown overboard by the person they loved. They were rescued and transformed into a cute chubby mer by a mermaid called Celeste who's colors change depending on the time of day.

    One day while swimming they found themself in warmer waters and stumbled onto a a jet black sea dragon. They were a little frightened but he made jokes until he got them to laugh. The two fell in love and have been inseparable ever since.

    Tail Colors : purples, deep blues and silver freckles.

    Eye color: Sea Green

    Hair: Pitch black wild curls that never seem to do as they are told (hair ties snap, barrettes pop open, combs break, etc.)

    Fave Mer accessory : the small crystal key their dragon gave them

    What my human self can't live without : creating art in some form or another.

    What my mer self can't live without : Adventure and laughter

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    I had mine done already. But I added the things that I didn't have.
    Mersona background

    Human name: Steph

    Name: Kit Pesem, Mermaid Kita for short

    Species: Blue Atlanticus Dragon

    Where from: van campen's Glen: saltwater river, migrate South for winter, sleep in caves, play in seaweed, sunbathe on smooth rocks, protects lake.


    Shy, hides away from people, will say hi and interact if people seem kind

    Other mermaids:
    Doesn't have many Mermaid friends, loves to make new ones

    Sea creatures:

    Some are for eating: crabs, lobster, some fish, mussels, sushi, lionfish

    Others are friends: Whale shark, sharks, whale, large fish, octopus, squid

    Land animals:
    Loves birds. Loves watching them fly around and loves their colors

    Loves bugs and creepy crawlies. Finds them fascinating

    Shy around larger creatures like fox, wolf, bear, etc. Will make friends after she feels safe


    Day to day:

    Hunt for food (meat and veggies), explore, human watching

    With: myself, migrate to whale shark friends,

    Plans: make new human friends

    Hobbies: collecting sea shells, learning human instruments, singing, swimming with whales


    Sings (how she got her name)

    Bubble rings (the whales taught her)

    Water Gun and fountain hands (special mermaid trick)

    Whistle hands (how we contact other mers from a distance)

    Life story:

    Hatched in a day where the sun hid behind the moon (October 28, 1939). Was alone in a river at the base of a waterfall. This became her home. Spent most her days alone. Made friends with local fish. Got too cold during winter. Migrated down the river to the ocean to find warmth. Heard the whales making music. Followed the sound to a pod of whale sharks. Learned their song. Got named by the whales. Kit pesem meaning whale song. Travel back to the river for the warm spells.

    Hair color: enjoys adding color, but is naturally dirty blonde

    Eye color: changes depending on mood and surroundings. Mostly blue, green, and hazel

    Tail color: attached picture (tail in progress)

    Favorite mermaid accessories: shell crown, different necklaces made with found trinkets, corset top decorated with shells.

    What mersona can't live without: a good place to stretch her fins and explore

    What human can't live without: crafting supplies and theatre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talvikko View Post
    Mername: Talvikko, which means ”Overwinterer” in meänkieli.

    Pronouns: He/they

    Species: Arctic open water/deep sea mer (heavily inspired by the ”Mermaids” mockumentary)

    Story: Talvikko was born into an isolated pod in the Barents sea, near the Kola peninsula. His pod roams the open sea during summer and draws closer to shore during winter, favouring rocky and remote areas and always staying well away from humans. After getting rammed by a fishing boat and breaking several ribs, Talvikko was unable to keep up with the pod and decided to leave rather than slowing them down. The ribs healed badly, rendering him unable to dive deep; alone as he was, he had to swim closer to the mainland than ever before in hopes of finding easier prey and to avoid killer whales and fishing nets. These days he's a mer of the shallows in northern Norway, hunting flounders and guiding lost whales back to the deeps.

    Talvikko is a feral mer who doesn't speak and rarely ventures up on land. Other merfolk are treated as equals and when they speak he understands them, but humans are aliens in his eyes and he's not so much ”shy” as ”hostile until convinced otherwise”. He has lost some of his fear of them after spending years near populated shores and can on rare occasions be friendly and playful, but most of the time he prefers to keep his distance.

    Tail colour and shape: Various hues of grey (dark back, light belly) with darker and lighter spots along the sides. His upper body and face has the same colours as the tail, his hands are webbed with short, sharp claws instead of nails and his ears are closed and pointy. He also has an intricate pattern of stripes and spots on his face, back and tail that is invisible in daylight but glows in the dark. Porpoise-like fluke and small dorsal fin, both with glow-in-the-dark edges.

    Eye colour: Black with a thin line of blue around the pupils.

    Hair: Thin brown dreads with rockweed tangled into them.

    Fav mer accessory: Macramé belt with blue mussel shells and rockweed decorations.
    Beautiful darling!

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    Mername: inanna
    Species of mermaid: siren
    Story: (don't have one yet)
    Tail color: pinks, purples, and hints of blues like a sunrise
    Eye color: brown mixed with green (not heterochromia)
    Hair: dark brown with red highlights and black lowlights
    Fave Mer accessory: shell headband
    What my human self can't leave with: mp3 player
    What my mer self can't leave without: pearls
    "She would be half the world away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by the moonlight" - Janet Fitch
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    Land name: Yemar

    Mername: Marinus Mortimer

    Species of Merm:Sireno (Male Siren)

    Sirens are a very territorial and vicious to anything that moves, also very intelegent and skilled hunters, female specimens usually swim in packs males on the other hand mostly swim and hunt alone, a Sireno spends most of his time swimming and hunting deep in the sea amost never coming close to shore but can be on rare occasion found in big Rivers where food is abondant. Sirens mate only once in their lives birthing up to four eggs, females are born from the egg within 14-15 years of incubation, males on the other hand are born after 20 years of incubation hence why there usually born alone and learn to live alone, one in every four eggs could be male.

    Story: In the beginning Mortimer emerged from an egg alone in a bioluminescent underwater cave, there was thousands of glowing strands of algae all throughout the canerns walls thin like hair, softly it swayed in the current, he felt a discomfort in his belly and soon found himself searching the cave for something unknown but he soon found the thing he searched for, instinct set in and he launged for a nearby Stingray unlucky enough to stroll by, the Ray counter attacked in self defense but young Mortimer's reflexes we're strong he cought the Ray's tail and ripped it off and soon raveged the creature now lifeless before him. To be

    Tail color: Red/Gold, Black strypes from back to front with White outline.

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair: Brown/Black

    Fave Mer accessory: My Tail

    What my human self can't leave with: My Trench Coat

    What my mer self can't leave without: My knife.

    Info above is based on a book I'm writing, please respect.

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    Name: Echidna
    Species: drakaina/sea serpent
    tail colour: white, with added black stripes where camouflage is suitable
    eye colour: aquamarine
    hair: black, sometimes also dark blue, teal, or green, usually styled in an ancient greek/egyptian fashion
    favourite weapon: bow
    favourite accessory: Isis wings, veils
    dwelling place: any ocean, lake, river or pond with nice clear water, preferably with a cave nearby.

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    Mersona (Mermaid Auquita)

    My name is Auquita I am a lake m the mermaid also meaning freshwater mermaid I have lots of creeks near me but the biggest body of water I’ve been too is Table Rock Lake my name is Auquita. I live is Missouri I have a special place where I go to Train in the wintertime the YMCA and also I have a pool in my backyard to swim in during the summertime.

    ~~~Mermaid Auquita~~~

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    ***Mermaid Auquita***


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