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Thread: Sexism in sport

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    Angry Sexism in sport

    Hey people. Has anyone else noticed that tons of dive equipment only comes in men's sizes only? I've been trying to get a pair of freediving fins (that aren't $500) for a couple of months now and whether I look online, or go into spear fishing stores and dive stores to try them on, the smallest available sizes are 8-9 Mens. These are always far, far too big for my feet (average size 7 womens). Even finding dive socks or dive gloves is almost impossible for this reason. They are labelled "unisex - one size" or "unisex - small" but are actually huge - obviously designed with male hands and feet in mind, not female. Does anyone know what is going on?

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    I feel you! I can't wear women's wetsuits because the sizing system is ridiculous... but yet for men they have all sorts of options. My BCD size is small... but that's still too big because it just doesn't work with a female body shape. Don't have any answers for you, but it is ridiculous.

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    Hi Mermaid Salty.

    It's an issue with the skewed customer distribution in diving.

    Shops have to stock what sells, and my experience with dive shops is that the ratio of male/female customers is very high, due to much more participation by the boys. So they don't stock very much female-oriented gear due to the cost of carrying inventory. It's the same reason you can't find real freediving equipment in any but the largest shops, because scuba divers massively outnumber freedivers. You end up ordering your things online.

    Sometimes being part of a club can be a way to get supplies at good prices. Our Freedive Toronto club puts in group orders for custom-tailored freediving suits every now and again, for example. Getting a complete custom-cut westuit with hood for $300 is a pretty good deal. (Plus you can get a cool Freedive Toronto logo on it, I you wish.)

    What I've noticed here in Toronto is that a trading network has developed among scuba and club members, and on Kijiji, where women sell gear to each others at good prices too.

    LOL, if it makes you feel any better, us boys face the same problems shopping for supplies in activities that have majority-female participants.

    In the world of ballet, IME, outside of the dance company world, there are 10 women in class for every male. So you see this reflected in what the dance shops stock. A shop considers itself major-league if it stocks more than 1 style of dance belt. Same with men's tights, most just stock 1 brand, or maybe 2 if you're lucky. Finding shoes that fit well usually becomes a multi-store affair, unless you hit it lucky.

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    same trouble here... so hard to find a size that fits me

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    I count myself lucky that I can fit in kids sizes (because they are cheaper), as well as women's and men's, but completely agree about unisex stuff and specialty gear.

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    I've gotten used to shopping in the teen boys section of clothing stores like Kmart, Target and Best and Less! Everything in the female section is always too girly, frilly, lacy, blergh! Not my kind of style!
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    Did you ask if the shop can order it for you?

    Have you tried to order from the vendor (for example Leaderfins or Waterways Fins produces fins in alsmost all sizes)?

    I also don't use a classical jacket but a backplate with a wing and harness (OMS), where I can adjust all lengths. Just look for some technical diving equipment as it may fit you better (There are probably more but the two vendors I know are "Halcyon Dive Systems" and "OMSDive"). Please note that this more expensive than a standard off the shelf jacket.

    Quote Originally Posted by AptaMer View Post
    LOL, if it makes you feel any better, us boys face the same problems shopping for supplies in activities that have majority-female participants.
    Many males here have the problems that monofins for mermaiding usually end as shoe size 43 (9) (just as an example for the other side).

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    I really hate how there are boys and girls clubs when it comes to sport. No point for it to be around anymore, especially with the gender spectrum changing

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    I don’t find it sexist. Basically there are two genders, male or female. They are not physically matched generally, so it makes sense to me to have a group for each. Also I think people are more comfortable playing sports with members of their own gender for the most part. Of course mixed clubs should be an option though
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    If you are looking for good freediving fins that run all the way down to women's size 4, Leaderfins are a good one. You can find them online for less than $250

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Broussard View Post
    If you are looking for good freediving fins that run all the way down to women's size 4, Leaderfins are a good one. You can find them online for less than $250
    Regarding Leaderfins, how do their footpocket sizes match up with shoe sizes? Tried the measurement procedure they stated on their website and got some really strange results, like four size steps difference in EU size to my normal shoes. And as I have learned, the shoe sizes by some manufacturers (*cough* Cressi Gara *cough*) are quite off sometimes. So how does Leaderfins compare here?

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    Mine is fitting perfectly (43). Compared to other monofins I know it is more difficult to get in / out but while swimming it does not move on the foot so it is very efficient (having Hyper Pro) and feels good in the water.
    In my opinion the best monofin but I have no tail for that one.

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    It's disheartening to see sexism persist in sports. While we fight for equality, let's also channel our energy into supporting female athletes. As a sports enthusiast, I've found that engaging in sports betting can be a way to actively participate. Choose a popular sport, make informed predictions, and consider platforms like They offer good odds, and starting with their app could be a step towards an inclusive sports community. Betting aside, let's rally for fair treatment, equal opportunities, and celebrate the incredible achievements of women in sports.


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