Hey there! I am funding to eventually buy a MVD tail, and I have my own etsy of wonderful goodies for people to buy!

If you like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, then you will love these!
They are my little hot-patoties, my necklace charms that represent each character! They are perfect for those who can't make or afford to buy their own Rocky Horror costume, but still wanna look their best at a midnight showing!
I am still making many more designs! And I can do special commissions (Of different movies, plays, etc).
I have performed with three different Rocky casts now, and I have performed as Janet for 4 years now (while also performing Brad, Frank, Riff Raff, Magenta, Trixie, Dr. Scot and Columbia). I have had my experience with screen-accurate performances and costume-making - and here is where my work pays off!
So if you love RHPS or know someone who does, then these are perfect for you or as gifts!