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Thread: Mers on DeviantART + My Pic of Ariel

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    Mers on DeviantART + My Pic of Ariel

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    Hey you little fishes! Just wondering who else here on the mernetwork is on deviantART as well? My username is courtneymermaid on there if any of you guys want to look me up! Leave a reply to this post with your username as well so I can stop by and say hi too!

    The pic above is a piece of fanart that I did of Ariel!

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    I've got multiple accounts on there but not very active these days! I try but it doesn't get the traffic it used to

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    Yeah that's true. I don't post much in the way of photos, just my artwork. I have a secondary account that I no longer post to after I decided to rebrand my artwork using my mermaid self. So I'm kinda starting from scratch AGAIN lol but it's going well so far. I enjoy some of the mermaid/disney fanart communities on there. It's fun to see the work people post.

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    I've seen your mermaids around.

    That's me. Have next to nothing on it because I don't really draw for attention/money, and tend to not submit it. I generally draw conceptual monsters or space, depends on the day. Occasionally I'll draw a mermaid or two. :P

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    It's a secret shh...

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    I'm on DA as asexualartistmerm

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    I am in the process of changing over from my old DA gallery, but my new one is

    Hope to start adding more stuff after I'm finished with the insane rush of Christmas gift making!

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    Can anyone explain Deviantart? I've been thinking about making an account, but I'm not entirely sure what it is used for?
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    The only way I can really explain that it's similar to sites like photobucket and flickr however it's focus is on artistic expressions may it be pictures or drawing. It no longer has the reach from it golden years however Deviantart does put a focus on a sense of community that most photo hosting sites don't have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seaspray Mermaid View Post
    Can anyone explain Deviantart? I've been thinking about making an account, but I'm not entirely sure what it is used for?
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    She's Ariel


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    I have a Deviant Art account! I have a bunch of Mermaid art. I'm currently working on the 2018 MerMay Art Challenge.

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    I have deviant art !

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