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Thread: How to get out of a silicone tail, and related questions

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    How to get out of a silicone tail, and related questions

    Hi merpeeps! So, I'm gearing up to order my first silicone tail! I'm really excited. I've been doing a ton of research, and I keeps seeing articles and videos on how to put on your silicone tail, but what I don't ever see is how to take it off! Can you wiggle out of it while in the water, or are there ways to wiggle back onto land without damaging your tail?

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    It depends on how skin tight they are.
    Getting the feet out of the monofin can be tricky.
    If it's skin tight I find it just as hard to slide out as it is to put it on. For instance, my current tail I have to lube up my hands and hips. I can't roll my tail down without possibly damaging the waist line.
    Some tails you can roll down and then pop your feet out.
    Some you can just kick off. When I tried the mertailor one I could get it off without my hands! Just popped my feet out and slid out.


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