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Thread: NC Mer-Get Together TAC 2.3.18

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    Hi Merfam! wanted to share link to my fun #nccookiecon so much fun! thank you to those that came stay tuned for next years second annual #nccookiecon and NY's first #NYConfest still searching for second title after NY but its happening will post updates later on .

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    My first but not last #NCCookieCon

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    me and my merdaughter Elizabeth who just moved to NC and now is a happy mermaid belonging to the #ncmermaids pod

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    Tails and more Tails so colorful and beautiful

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    awesome fun shot by our mersister Monika Shimmery mermaid

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    part one group shot! Mermaids Mermen

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    part two of group shot! more Mermaids

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    and of course my #merwranglerpirate #photographer #helper of mermaids on land and sea Mercreator Ralph showing us how he swims like a merman lol

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    Just a group of Mermaids and Mermen having a Splashing time at first annual #nccookiecon huge success hope you will come next year photo credit to mersis Crystal Bryant

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    So excited to have my new #fantasea fin by #mertailor first swim and i love her! didnt want to take her off , you'll see in photos i wore it thru most of the con, instead of #goldenbeast tail didnt want to take her off so recommend you all getting one!!

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    my #purplerain #mermaids which i call them for #prince who i love #finfolkproductions #mystictail all beautiful

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    How cool! My first #NC #CookieCon and it was a huge success! Squeeee!

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    Senior Member Ransom's Avatar
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    Congrats Cookie, that was amazing work and it looked like a blast!

    Can't wait to get the resources I'll need to join you -- but it will happen. See you one day, I hope!
    "Only in death does duty end." -- Warhammer 40,000

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    Looks great!

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    so much fun...can't wait to do it again!!

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    Thank you Ransom it was so much fun and so many mer's came out to swim with me love my merfamily! I can wait and look forward to seeing i will post updates for future events i hope to make a second annual cookiecon and hope you will able to make it. hugs xoxoxox

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    Mermaid Kane Thank you it was really great! i had an amazing time swimming with everyone hope you can make the next one

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    shimmygoddess <3 Thank you so much!!! for being my hostess and picking us up it was so much fun i will treasure these memories forever so happy you came and had a good time till the next oneoxoxxoxoox

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