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Thread: Merman of Va looking for fellow mers

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    Merman of Va looking for fellow mers

    Hi my name is Nata! Iím new to the mer community although like everyone itís been with me since I saw the 13th year ,splash, etc. I currently donít know any place to swim because my local ymca doesnít allow mono fins so I havenít dare try to bring a tail there. Iím gonna be moving up to Norfolk for college. I was wondering if there we any active mers around there and what spots they might suggest and if we could meet up I have to much amenity to put on my tail by myself! Also if there are any mers near Bristol va some spots currently closer to me would be great as well thank you

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    Iíd love to meet up some time, but it live in Silver Spring, MD. This pod should really organize a meetup.

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    There's a big DC-area merfolk group! Here's the website:

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    I am a little far north but welcome to the Chesapeake pod

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    yooooo im in college in norfolk! we actually might be the same year. which college are you at?

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