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Thread: I'm coming to the eastern US in 2020 -- travel, logistics and planning help

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    I'm coming to the eastern US in 2020 -- travel, logistics and planning help

    Hey everymer! I'm saving for a long road trip to the eastern US in 2020, and I hope to arrive at the tail end of summer and stay for a month. I've a ton of things I want to do, but here's my list in no particular order:

    (1) Mer-meetups, probably in NC :) I'll be bringing the best tail I have by then, most probably a Magictail Pro; will post more when things are confirmed :)
    (2) Meeting a university friend in Boston, MA
    (3) Learning to shoot proficiently out to 100-300m and taking a class from Project Appleseed ( if possible
    (4) Trying out anything I'm interested in -- hiking, history and museums or others

    How do you suggest I go about it? I'm a travel noob and this is the first time I'm doing something like this alone.

    I'm thinking of dividing the trip into phases; starting from a home base and exploring from there; or taking a risk and going with the flow, but I can't decide. Any seasoned travellers' advice or clarifying questions on travel, logistics, planning, budgeting, etc. would be great. As much as I'd like to enter and leave from a different state, it seems return flights are much less costly.

    Thanks in advance! Hope to meet some of you in person then :)

    PS -- Don't worry about my caregivee. She's not interested and I'll have made suitable arrangements by then.
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    As a fan of travelling, I can recommend uproad if you're going to travel by car. Makes trips way more comfortable.

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