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Thread: Mermaid Video Games and Comics?

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    Hello. If videogames about ocean themes are considered to be fitting here even if they are no mermaid in it i'm quite surprise that there is no mention of Ecco the Dolphin, sure it's a retro game but it's a very good and enjoyable classic. It's about a dolphin who lives a series of mysterious events and go on an adventure in the ocean to understand them and then a lot of stuff happens with Atlantis, time-travel and aliens and your dolphin is very heroic. That's already a little bit spoiling maybe but hey it's a 1992 classic so maybe that's not that much of a problem.

    Also there is Azura in Fire Emblem Fates, fitting name, blue hair, blue dress, strong connexion with water, class : singer, enchanting voice with the magic power of cancel maledictions and that beautiful soothing song : , seriously i think even if she is not as i remember at least ever call a mermaid to me she feels like damn close.

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    Also of course the level in Ariel world in Kingdom Hearts the hero Sora becomes a temporary merman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Fina View Post
    Also of course the level in Ariel world in Kingdom Hearts the hero Sora becomes a temporary merman.
    I'd say that one's significant, because Sora, a cool character becomes a merman, and doesn't have a problem with it. Big boost to us guys in the community.

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    Hi. Yes and well searching a bit on the web i found there is another game with a merman even if far more of classical mythology look and less cool modern guy style since well it's Poseidon he seems to play a major role in a city building game call Poseidon : Master of Atlantis. Well that and I guess since they are little mermaid games for little girls they probably are scenes in them with Ariel's father but sure the count in merman videogames characters is a bit short that being said a lot of ocean fantasy themed video games has pirates guys as heroes that may be the closest you can go besides these few examples well that being said i'm sure they are more.

    For more personalization they're mermen and mermaid in The Sims 3 and 4. And well some Water Pokémon could look more or less mer like and they have male and females/were not gendered in the first game that said maybe nobody else but me feel Aquali looks like a mermaid fantasy animal. That's all the mermaid guys in video games i can think about without going on deep research but i think they maybe a few more probably. They are a lot of video games after all most not all that well known so everything possible beside maybe with RPG maker or something someone in this very community somewhere had made a mermaid themed unofficial game for the mermaiding community who knows?

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