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Thread: Courtney Mermaid on YouTube

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    Red face Courtney Mermaid on YouTube

    I figure instead of spamming that other YouTube post, since I post so often, I would actually make my own post that I can keep updating as I upload more content to my channel. Stay tuned for more!

    In today's (er... yesterday's) video I talk about one of my favourite way to decorate my mermaids tails and help bring them to life!

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    Footage from out last pod meet up! It was such fun! I can't wait for the next one! <3

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    Mermaid Etiquette! I know not everyone will agree but I had a few important things that I feel needed to be said. I love all you beautiful little fishes! <3

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    Eep! I haven't updated this thread in a wee while! Here's a new video! <3

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    New video up on my channel today answering questions about my gauge earrings!

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    New swimming footage! Mermaid Kim and I hit the pool! I had so much fun editing this one! <3

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    My thoughts on the Mahina Merfin and how it compares to the FINIS Luna! Now live!

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