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Thread: Your Human Job?

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    I work in a restaurant as an all rounder, but I'm mostly back of house and I perform all the tasks a fully qualified chef would do. I've been at this job since February, so just before corona but I'm wanting to leave as the owner is really not a nice person. 80% of the people who I originally worked with have quit. Either way, I've picked up good experience, and I'm earning some money while I study.
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    I'm just a managen into an IT company, but it is not the job I'd like to do for all my life.

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    I work in customer service for an ecommerce website that sells crystal yoni eggs and wands- I do a lot of work in the women's holistic wellness industry. I'm also a painter with a BFA and I manage to sell my work pretty frequently, but not enough to make it full time. Before COVID I was the manager at a massage therapy studio.

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    Finally i've got a job! Now I've became a proud sex worker.

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    Sending out a lifeline here.... I have come to the point where I want to venture out and do other things in the human world. I have been in education for over 7 years and I would like to work more in this world. I really am not too sure how to do it and feel stuck. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.

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    It's so cool to see how many different things people do!! I do custom costumes for a living, and while I'm more of a photographer/videographer for my mermaid business partner, we do performance as part of our job, too!
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