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Thread: Your Human Job?

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    I work as an artist with Cirque du Soleil. I really love my job. But it did take me a long time to get here 15 years!

    I've always believed that work should be enjoyable. Why spend 8+ hours of your day doing something that doesn't bring joy? I especially think that in the United states people work way too much. If you can enjoy living a simple life it is possible to work less, play more, and focus on what makes you happy. Eventutually that work in yourself will lead to great things. You asked a good question, Do you have the drive? Only you can answer that, and if you do then it will pay off in the long run.

    So to answer your questions.

    I work as an apnea specialist for CDS Sep7imo Dia. It is my dream job.

    I had jobs that I didn't like ( Army for 8 years, and then an office job) . When I wasn't deployed or working with the army, I was training my gymnastics and I was in the water every single day, pool or ocean. I picked up a hobby of Underwater photography and freediving. Soon it started leading to part time work. When I got out of the army I worked as an underwater photographer.

    Later on I had given up on my circus dreams after so many auditions that never went through and decided as I entered my 30's I should "grow up" . I spent less than a year in an office. I couldn't stand it and no matter what I did I couldn't find a way to make my "happiness tank" stay full. I just wasn't finding fullfillment. So I quite my job. Started training circus and gymnastics and got an outdoor job installing solar panels that I liked enough and gave me enough time to train and play and work on my craft.

    My final advice is to follow your heart. If you're not happy then find work that does make you happy. Sometimes it's as easy as switching departments and other times it's a whole switch in careers

    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Alea View Post
    Hi everyone, This is a topic that has been weighing on my mind a lot. As a whole, I see the mer community as a bunch of creative, unique people. I like to think that because of this, many of you might have a job that allows you to be creative or feel fulfilled and not like you are wasting your precious time. I will save you the boring details but I recently put in my two weeks at my job. The job I will be leaving is my first real job that I got right after college. I have been there a little over a year now. It has really dragged me down mentally and somewhat physically and I am flooded with all sorts of thoughts. Will I ever find something that makes me happy? Do I have enough talent and drive? What do I even want to do? I was curious though, what is your job and do you enjoy it? Or what is your dream job? Also, do you happen to have any advise on finding a job that is right for you? In particular, one that feeds your creative soul? If you don't really like your job, how do you cope with it? Do you plan to do really fun things on your weekends to give you something to look forward to? Do you try to do something fun after work each day? I would really appreciate any responses! I have no idea what to do with my life so I would love to hear about how you are figuring out your own!

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    I currently work in construction with a handyman service. So far it's been a real good change for me and my family. Prior to that I've worked off and on doing paint and body since I was seven in my family's shop. Other notable jobs include diesel mechanic, boat factory worker, air brush artist, wind turbine blade tech, apartment building maintenance, musician and auto mechanic. Honestly, I still not sure what my dream career would be. But I do feel like I'm at least heading in the right direction.

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    I'm a shipbuilding engineer and a carpenter, I got diploma's for both of them so that I could work in the yacht industry, sadly no-one wanted me because of the reorganization going on everywhere at that moment. Finally I got to work in the dredging industry, designing the construction of machinery foundations. Eventually that got to boring and I got into fixing problems with the drawing program we were using. At the end I got into IT and learning all kinds of IT stuff.
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    I graduated from being a college student in May, 2017.

    Three months later, I moved to the opposite side of the globe to Mie, Japan, to teach English.
    I only planned to stay for a year, but I just re-contracted for a second

    Considering I went to school for and majored in East Asian Studies and Japanese, I consider this to be a pretty sweet deal. I make enough money to live comfortably, indulge in delicious food and good times with friends, and travel around. The gig gives me a decent chunk of paid vacation, and national holidays often provide three day weekends, so there are plenty of opportunities to explore.

    I don't have any of my tails here in Japan even though I live close to the sea, so the only downfall is my mermaiding is taking a back seat. But I don't really mind, since I feel extremely fulfilled and satisfied doing what I do. It's easy, pays well, and I enjoy it. Can't ask for much more ^^

    For my next move I'm thinking about Germany or Hawai'i. I'll look into my options when the time approaches
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    Artist, props designer but my part time employment right now is in retail mens apparel. It's a living and I enjoy it a lot as it gives me the freedom to explore and express myself as well as the time to make some really fun things. My tail started out as a prop in our window display and I've continued to grow on that since.

    I worked in a job previously though that was pretty defeating. Nothing I ever did made me feel like the choices I made were good. Part of that came from my employers and how management showed their appreciation of commitment and hard work. It was their belief that pay alone was incentive in the workplace thanks and gratitude were hard to come by. The social atmosphere there was rather toxic too, I felt throttled in my self expression and didn't feel comfortable sharing my likes and hobbies with my colleagues and even had a hard time motivating myself to workout. Really I needed to grow myself and get past the mindset that other people's opinions of me mattered, I think I would have been a lot happier pursuing my interest in my youth and forcing myself to pursue a less detrimental occupational path.

    Thing is I made good money in a bad environment and sometimes you have to concede to whats more important to you in your present. When I found that job red flags were everywhere and yet it had taken me 4 months of denied employment and a depleting bank account to get it so I was scared to leave it. I continued to let that fear of repeated failure haunt me and stop me from escaping into a better suited position that matched both my passions and education in the arts. I didn't want to be homeless, or poor and in those moments it was worth the price of happiness. I took my time though, cut back my hours and found a second job (my current one) and eventually took that leap because there was just one day when I looked in the mirror and broke down at how unhappy and unfulfilled my life was. I would rather live paycheque to paycheque and be happy than have financial security and anguish.

    ...well that was darker than I expected but I hope it helps.

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    Veterinary Technician (aka Animal Nurse) for over 8yrs now

    I have always loved animals and it is one of my biggest passions. My dream is to become an Aquatic Veterinarian and take care of all the amazing creatures that live in the sea.

    It's a tough job with a lack of appreciation all around, but I love being able to care for animals in need and give them love in my hospital when they are away from everything they know and love.

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    Wow, I want to seriously thank all of you for sharing your jobs and your dreams with me! I mean it when I say reading all of your posts was inspiring! I should have checked back on this topic sooner so that I could reply to more of them individually. A lot of you said some very, very good points.

    Since leaving my job I have been working on making armor and going to a convention and then a Renaissance Fair to scope out vendors and consider getting a booth once I get up my inventory.

    Then, something happened out of the blue and it is crazy for my introverted self to be doing it, but heck I'm going for it...

    Quote Originally Posted by exdraghunt View Post
    I work as a deckhand and historian aboard an antique steamship (the same one shown in my sig.) I occasionally wear my tail at work (to greet passengers at festivals), but usually I stay in uniform xD. I love my work, and my passion is for maritime history of the Seattle area.

    My college degree is in theatrical costume making, however I don't make any money in that field. (Just make a lot of my own costumes)
    So, I'm quoting Exdraghunt because I am about to become a deckhand and historian on the Nina replica ship! It all just sort of happened...I had mentioned to my Dad that the Nina and Pinta replica ships would be in our area soon and I was interested in seeing them. I thought he had forgotten about it but one day my Mom was like, "Hey, let's go see the ships!" Then, my Mom said maybe I could even join the crew. My Dad shook his head no. He is very protective of me - my Dad is a retired cop/probation officer. He said he wouldn't want me around gruff sailors. I agreed but secretly thought it would be cool. Well once we got on the ships I immediately saw a "crew wanted" sign. The crew all appear to be around my age and they are all very nice people. They were in the same boat as me before joining the crew. They had just left their job, they didn't know what they wanted to do, etc. The minimum amount of time you can stay on board is 3-4 weeks. After that, you can go or if the Captain likes you and you like the ship, you can stay. I found out the First Mate of the Nina is a mermaid! She seemed excited to hear I am bringing my tail so hopefully we will get some time to go mermaiding together. She said that they have had people get mermaid photos on the ship before. So tomorrow I will be joining the crew of the Nina! I know I have a lot to learn but they are used to teaching people how to work on the ship. I will also have to learn a bunch of facts about the ships since the Nina and Pinta are like floating museums.

    I'm avoiding thinking about it too much. I don't want to make myself nervous or worry myself. I'm looking forward to all the traveling. From the videos I have watched on YouTube a lot of the deckhands interviewed said they originally were going to stay the 3 weeks then ended up staying a year or more! They said they have made memories that will last a lifetime. I haven't done a lot of traveling in my life. This will be the biggest thing I have ever done so I hope all will go well! I have no idea if this is something I would like to do for the rest of my life, but the way it all just came together and the way my protective parents are fine with me going off sailing it just seems to be right.

    So like I said tomorrow I will become a deckhand and set sail on a new chapter in my life! Maybe I will get to meet other members of Mernetwork on my journey!
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    Congratulations Alea! It sounds wondrous!!! Be sure and pack your shades!

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    Thanks for the tip Keiris! To be safe I have 3 pairs of shades in different compartments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Alea View Post
    Thanks for the tip Keiris! To be safe I have 3 pairs of shades in different compartments.
    How exciting! Congratulations and I hope you have a blast!
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    Iím a premed student. I work as a research assistant/intern during the summer.

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    I used to work at McDonaldís, but now I am a hostess at a local restaurant called Miltonís. Itís on the eaters 19 top most anticipated restaurants of 2018 and my boss (the chef) is amazing. I love my job so much and everyone I work with!

    I plan to keep this job for a while, after I graduate high school, as I go through college and pursue a degree in administration of justice, biology, or psychology. I canít decide.

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    Currently I just work in retail, but i'm halfway through my degree (studio art with a concentration in sculpture) and will hopefully either pursue museum work or just have my own studio (ideally )

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    School psychologist in training here! 1 more year to go before I finish my educational specialist degree and graduate from my program ^_^. My dream job is to be an astronaut or deep sea diver, lmao.

    Edit: or be a professional mermaid, of course! Can't believe I forgot to mention that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalpari View Post
    School psychologist in training here! 1 more year to go before I finish my educational specialist degree and graduate from my program ^_^. My dream job is to be an astronaut or deep sea diver, lmao.
    Nice! Schools need more staff who focus on mental health. Do you want to work at a normal school or a special ed school? Iím curious because I went to a special ed school for over three years.

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    My actual job it's kind of sad.

    I work in the international office of a funeral director.

    I work helping to repatriate people who has passed out far from their homes.
    It's really sad, but I like to think I'm helping families to bring back home their loved ones.

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    I work at a big department retail store in the kidís department.
    I would love to be a preschool/kindergarten teacher but Iím going for 1st grade teacher because my parents say Iíll make more money. Also I volunteer with the childrenís ministry at my church so I work as a Sunday school teacher for the 4/5 year old class.
    My goal/dream job is to be a professional mermaid and make custom tails most likely sequin tails or hand painted silicone or fabric.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Dragon View Post
    Nice! Schools need more staff who focus on mental health. Do you want to work at a normal school or a special ed school? I’m curious because I went to a special ed school for over three years.
    Thank you! I completely agree, there should be more mental health staff at schools, especially because this is where kids and teens spend most of their days! I think right after I graduate, I'd like to work in a normal school that also has special education classrooms - just to first gain some experience under my belt and to learn the ropes. Once I feel more confident in my abilities and know the ropes a bit better, than I would love to work at a special education school! My end goal though is to either return back to Pakistan (where I'm from) or work somewhere else abroad (my boyfriend Slovenian - might end up there in the future) at an international school, similar to the ones I grew up studying at. That would be my dream school-psychologist job, I think!

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    Iím a hairdresser and a makeup artist! But Iím pregnant so I havenít been able to take the final tests and I wonít be able to until Iím done because of the weight of the box I have to carry along with some traveling a distance issues.

    So staying at home and currently helping my mother take care of her dog (heís honestly like my brother so I should said our) while she tryís to work without straining herself too much. On any given day I find something crafty to day like paint or draw. I also just love watching diy videos. But normally a book is definitely my escape.

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    I don't have a job yet. I've only just turned 16 and i haven't gone into driver's training yet, ao even if i wanted to get a job i couldn't yet.

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