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Thread: Your Human Job?

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    You could post an ad online that you are available for odd jobs such as yard work, baby sitting, pet sitting, maybe house cleaning or car washing?

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    Here is an unfinished, unedited piece of an article I wrote a while ago on how teenagers can make money.
    There are many different ways to make money when it comes down to it. You simply have to have drive, time, and be prepared to exert some effort. For example, cleaning an entire house may seem like a snap, but it is incredibly difficult if you are thorough. People want clean houses, and you want money. See where I am going? People will pay teenagers to clean their houses for a more reasonable price than traditional cleaning services. Make some lists of things you can and will do for people. Next, find some customers. Start with some friendsís parents or other people comfortable with you, then branch out. Decide your hourly rate next. Say you decide to work quickly and thoroughly, and charge $15 per hour. The average price per hour for housekeeping services are $25-$35 dollars, so youíve just given clients a big reason to hire you instead of a professional service.
    I know thereís some talented teenagers around. If you have a special talent you think you could utilize, donít let it go to waste. Hold classes for neighborhood kids. Not only will the parents get a free hour or so to themselves, their child will be learning a new skill! Decide if you are more suited for a one-time class or a package deal of several. Then, pick a charge both useful to you and affordable to parents. Once you have decided everything, begin making an itinerary. This is a detailed list of things you will teach and in what order. Make sure all things on your list a relevant and interesting. Kids aren't hard to entertain, but that doesnít mean they won't get bored if you play your cards wrong.
    Sell your stuff. From old junk and toys you never uses to handmade items, there are plenty of people willing to buy second hand items if it means saving a dollar. Found some old video games for a system now irrelevant to you? Sell them on places like LetGo, GarageSale, eBay, or Etsy (for handmade goods primarily). Pick a reasonable price for the amount of usage on the item and its worth. For example, don't sell an old pre-completed rpg game for a discontinued system from 1960 for $200.

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    I am a Sonic carhop and it was ok at first but now I am looking for a new job. I get docked pay because its a waitress job and the tips aren't coming in like they did in July. Not to mention all my co-workers are high schoolers. (sorry for the complaining, its a good summer job).

    My dream job is to be an artist. I know its kinda vague but I like to do different mediums of art. I paint, sculpt, crochet and am now trying my hand at custom doll making (its amazing, look up ooak on like google images and its basically that~)

    I spend my free time drawing and stuff, I come up with some interesting stories and ideas. I also watch youtube and movies to relax. Food is also a joyous thing that is real.

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    I need to work on finding a job this semester so like, I can do things like make money, maybe find my own place, save to pay back loans...Once upon a time I worked at a library, would love to do something like that again...

    I'm a student currently for fine art at UArts, cool thing at least is I'm also minoring in art education so if I need something to eventually fall back on I can teach art when I'm not solely focused on making it. I will do everything in my power to get my money's worth out of this school.

    But ah, just putting it out there, totally not a shameless plug or anything, if anyone needs some art done and has some money to spare I wouldn't object to being hit up. I can check my schedule, give a quote, work out a deal. I'm not a terrible artist apparently. My trouble comes in figuring out how to market myself...
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    who takes drawing requests/suggestions...maybe commisions sometimes?

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    I am system administrator in a small office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the.tattooed.mermaid78 View Post
    I'm a nail technician lol

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    Designing nails in a nail studio or is it tounge-in-the-cheek for carpenter or something like that (like "aviation systems administrator" for pilot)?

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    I'm a student and an animal shelter volunteer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingeng View Post
    I'm a student and an animal shelter volunteer
    Eyyy Iím studying to be a veterinary assistant! Animal buddies! Up top!

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    Well, hopefully this will give hope to someone. I had given up on getting a graphic design job and I was interviewing for all kinds of things and not having any luck and out of nowhere in November a graphic design position opened up at a business I was familiar with. It is a sporting goods business that also does T-shirt screen printing and they always have two graphic designers to create their T-shirt artwork. One of their graphic designers was leaving so they needed to fill the opening quickly. I had already designed T-shirt artwork that was printed by them so for my interview instead of bringing in a traditional graphic design portfolio I brought in a stack of T-shirts with my artwork on them that they had printed. Evidently it isn't very common to find a T-shirt graphic designer so they were very impressed and they hired me without even interviewing anyone else.

    So basically I just want to say don't give up because things can work out for the better really quickly! I am so incredibly happy now to have a graphic design job. It doesn't pay that well so I probably can't work here forever, but for now it is exactly what I need. My co-workers are great, I make tons of artwork a week, I'm not stressed, and most importantly I don't dread going to work - I usually look forward to it!

    What about some of you other mers swimming the interwebs who haven't commented yet? What is your human job?
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    This is probably not helpful at all, but I am home schooled and have no job. Yet. I really want to start a business where I do calligraphy for people ( graphic design? or is that only on computers?) Soo, not helpful, but there is my reply. Wish you luck,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingeng View Post
    I'm a student and an animal shelter volunteer
    Hey, count me in. I work at animal shelter too!

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    Depends on how you define job. I spend most of my time with my toddler son. I'm also a graduate student getting a PhD in Information and Library Science, a research assistant, and a consultant. (That last one is new! A former boss brought me an exciting opportunity to use some dusty librarian skills and I said yes.) I've been a university tech support assistant, an afterschool program assistant, a Latin teacher, a customer service rep, a school librarian, and public communications specialist for a mostly-online K12 university outreach program. That last one was a dream job, but I left after my colleagues were laid off or reassigned because I could tell that once our active projects were finished, I would be laid off or reassigned, too.

    Maybe someone has said this already - I'll catch up on the earlier posts in this thread soon - but I wanted to address what seems like a common concern, finding a job that aligns with your passions. I've been lucky to do that, but I've also had times when I couldn't. I'm really coming around to the idea of a "good enough" job, one that uses some of your talents, skills, and interests but leaves you with the free time to do others.

    Also - I say as I hit my very late 30s and am going to have been a grown up for 20 years - I think it's okay, common, expected that you'll have many jobs and even careers over the course of your working life. So, especially if you're young, but really at any age, cut yourself a break with respect to finding a dream job or even figuring out what you want to do. You might find that good enough job, pursue other stuff as hobbies, and then find that that leads to opportunities, then decide you want to try something new. If you're able to meet your basic needs and obligations, you can just keep trying stuff.

    If you feel like you have too many interests, you might look at the writings of Barbara Sher, Margaret Lobenstine, or Emily Wapnick for help finding ways to pursue multiple passions at once.

    Hope this hasn't been too unsolicited advicey.

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    Well said Mermaid Kiba!

    I once met a mermaid who was a Christopher Columbus replica ship crew member. The ships travel around as 'floating museums' and the crew members give talks/tours. When they are sailing though, you work just like any deckhand (I did it for 3 days). Anyways, she also did a lot of routine maintenance on the boats. Quite the mermaid-y job! I know she was working on getting her captain's license.
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    I provide software technical support for a large multinational company. It's not the most stimulating job, but it pays the bills.

    I'd love to do something that has a direct, positive impact on the Earth (and also allows me to afford an apartment in San Diego) but I think that ship has sailed at this point. I just try to minimize my negative impact by driving an electric car and minimizing the waste I generate.

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    Iím a family in a family business

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    I dropped out of college due to emotional breakdowns and aimless uncertainty. I have a very flexible job as a retail merchandiser. I won't disclose what company I represent. I can go to my various assigned stores at any time of the day and, to a certain extent, I can choose what days I visit those stores. I work by myself. I hate customers (I was a cashier at a craft store in the past), and thankfully at this job I don't have to deal with them and their rudeness. I'm so grateful to have such a job like this with only a high school diploma. My only issue is time management. I love staying up late and sleeping in. If I manage my time wisely, I could do so much more.

    As much as I like my job, I don't earn enough to be financially independent. I earn $10 an hour, and work around 12-20 hours a week. I receive a biweekly paycheck. I'd like to get a second part-time job, but I need to manage my time better first so that I can still see my boyfriend once or twice a week while juggling two jobs. I'm slowly increasing my savings while I live with my parents and help clean and tidy up the house. Maybe in the future I could rent an apartment with my boyfriend and we could combine our incomes to get by, but my parents are conservative in their belief systems. They believe that a couple shouldn't live together unless they're married. Also, my dad would prefer that I skip renting apartments and buy a house. I would have to live with my parents for over a decade more to save up to buy a home outright because I don't think I'm eligible for mortgage payments. My family can't afford to help me. I would prefer that they focus on retirement goals, anyway. As for career paths, nothing really speaks to me.
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