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Thread: Siren, the new mermaid series on free form!!!!

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    I just finished the latest episode and oh, wow. It's honestly a great series imo, and very feelsy at times while suspenseful at others. I will say for anyone who's worried, it's not as much of a horror as I imagined, at all. It's kind of more like a mermaid drama with elements of horror and some bits are genuinely a little bit... cute?
    I recommend it to everyone!
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    Finished the season. Overall it had a lot of cliches, but I still found it enjoyable. I'm wondering what they're gonna do for the next season, I hope they try to do something a bit newer.

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    All right, so who's still tuning in? None of my friends are watching but I wanna talk, lol. I'm loving this show.

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    I'm still watching it, but I'm a few episodes behind due to my work schedule

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    This show is BY FAR the best mermaid show that has ever been made. The store is amazing, the characters totally believable, the writing is excellent. There was an awesome twist at the end of April and I can't wait to watch the next ones. Typically my boyfriend and I binge watch them once a month, because they are so good!

    And of course, I should mention the mermaid CGI, is also better than anything else I've seen. There are a TON of mermaids in seasons 3 too.

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    Every week, I love what they’re doing with Xander’s character even more. I love his growth.


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