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Thread: Sculpting fluke???

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    Sculpting fluke???

    I finished making a to-scale paper fluke and Iím having trouble starting on the actual clay sculpt. Should I add the clay piece by piece following the guideline on the paper or should I roll out a really big slab of clay and then trace the clay with the paper fluke on top? I want the fluke to look as clean as possible

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    Sculpting can be difficult for some people. What I ended up doing was coming up with my paper design. Then I traced onto a clear plastic sheet and borrowed an old school projector. I projected the image onto a wooden board and traced the half that I liked better. Prior to this, I had drawn a line down the center of the board. So after I had half of it drawn onto the board, I grabbed tracing paper and taped several sheets together (I didn't have large sheets of tracing paper) and then I mirrored onto the other half. I rolled out the spines of the fluke and now I am filling all of the middle space between them before I start adding details.


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