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Thread: Failed mermaid Project but I need you to help me!

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    Failed mermaid Project but I need you to help me!

    Due to my busy schedule I am unable to do my mermaid tail project.... but I'm going to make a revised sketch and color it the way I wanted to be. Then I'm gonna send that design to Merbella studios as soon as I get the money to do so.( dieing internally) I want to make sure that I'm gonna enjoy my first tail and I know there motto to make sure every tail is unique to the owner. I'll also send the a picture of the tiny tropical fish that inspired me and hopefully they can get a better view of the colors when needed. Until I pay off my car I'm saving $1 from my pay check. Then eventually in three years when my car is paid off I'll increase to $5 and doing art commissions on the side as well ! If you'd like to help me raise my tail fund please let me know while i set up a PayPal account and there is examples of my art below. The limit will be 5 people and prices are posted below with pictures ! But I'm not a greedy clam and I know the struggle of saving money for a big project. Keep watch on this thread for art work I'll finish for other mers. Traditional art work will be mailed to you but you have to pay shipping ( sorry ^^'). Wish me luck my beautiful people ! And if you like the art I'm going to show and you like to purchase. Inbox me for details if your interested.

    The money count down will show and to our goal until I get to the tail!

    Here are examples of my artwork.

    .:Commission information:.




    Traditional. Digital

    Sketches. $7 + shipping. $7

    Line art. $7 + shipping. $7

    Basic colors. $7 + shipping. $7

    Detailedcolors $7.50 + shipping. $7.50


    Self portrait ( realistic " as much as I can try") or ( my art style - the examples you see now )


    Face. Bust. Hips&up. Full

    $ .25 $1.35 $2.45 $3.00

    Traditional. Digital

    Line art. $7.50 + shipping. $7.50

    Basic colors. $7.50+ shipping. $7.50

    Detailed. $ 7.50 + shipping. $7.50




    w/backround. + $2.00

    Additional people. + $3.00

    Any animals. +$4.00

    My PayPal account is going to be set up soon ! For the time being here are are the available slots.

    .: Commission list :.

    1. Free

    2. Free

    3. Free

    4. Free

    5. Free

    Please help me on raising the money for my tail and in my unboxing video for YouTube I'll have you mentioned in the video as a way of saying thank you !

    !!!TAIL GOAL!!!

    $0 - $3,825

    The fish is traditional and so as the falling winged girl

    The dark background picture is digitalName:  koi_fish_out_for_swim_by_audpim-dbthwe3.jpg
Views: 163
Size:  64.1 KBName:  haneoka_s_oc_aisling_by_audpim-dbe1rxp.jpg
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Size:  52.2 KBName:  day_27_inktober__fallen_by_audpim-dbrv3kt.jpg
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    Anything that says +shipping is traditional artwork

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    Hi there! Are you still taking personalized orders?
    Do you also ship to Europe (Romania, in particular)?
    Alexandra from art shippers

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    Yr artwork is so cool... Great jobb mermaid oona

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