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Thread: Mythic Scale Matching for 1st Gen Nile Goddess Tail?

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    Mythic Scale Matching for 1st Gen Nile Goddess Tail?

    Hello, merfolk! I recently acquired a gorgeous Nile Goddess Mythic secondhand (kind of third-hand, I suppose), and since it's older, a lot of the scales are falling off. Naturally, I know that the 1st gen scales were unique and aren't being replicated anymore (especially not the Nile Goddess colors), so I was wondering from anyone who may have experience with the Mythic scales, which colors look like the best option to fill in? Many reviews I've seen said that colors are not true (e.g. golden scales look greener), so I'd love to get some feedback before I place any orders. I'll likely look like the Rainbow Fish with a few iridescent scales here and there, but I want to make sure that I've got the extra spaces covered before a major aquarium gig this summer.

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    Mermaid Kairi recently overhauled her Nile Goddess and would be the best person to ask. You can find her on here, IG, or FB. Good luck!
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