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Thread: Chicago Pod?

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    Mar 2018
    Chicago, IL.

    Chicago Pod?

    I've been so interested in either joining or starting a pod out here in Chicago!!
    I know the weather isn't the greatest here (it is snowing as I type) but hopefully in the summer I could meet some new mers!!
    Anyone in the area?

    +.*Love and Bubble Kisses*.+
    ~Mermaid Miranda
    +.*Love and Bubble Kisses*.+
    ~Mermaid Miranda

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    Hi, I would totally be interested in joining a Chicago pod! That sounds super fun!! Count me in!

    -Mermaid Isabelle

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    Northern Illinois
    Hey! I know this thread is a bit old and im super new to everything myself (don't even have a tail yet T^T) but i'd love to join a chicago pod!


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