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Thread: SC Mers

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    SC Mers

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    I just joined the pod and I'm making a call out to all of my fellow pod members in and around SC with my
    echolocation! I'm living in Myrtle Beach and I'm excited about making new friends!

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    I don’t live anywhere near SC, but welcome to the pod!

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    Heyyy!! I'm the unapologetic, controversial, always stand up for my self and speak my mind no matter what merm BLIXUNAMI! I'm living in Charleston!! I have a mermaid sis who I swim with! There's also an aquamarine mermaid in Mt. Pleasant? There's also the Hilton head mermaid, but I don't know her. There's also a group called the blue mermaids I think based here too!

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    There are many friends to be had! I visit Myrtle beach all the time, I used to live there! If the Pavilion would come back id be so happy

    Good luck!

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