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Thread: As Chesapeake as it gets

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    Cool As Chesapeake as it gets

    Hello to the other members of the Chesapeake Pod! I just wanted to kinda introduce myself here and share a bit of a fact about myself.
    I was born (I'm the biological child of my human parents, or so I've been told) right next to the inner harbor of the nearby city. That's right, next to the Bay itself! It's just too bad that I don't like seafood.
    Anyway, yeah, the only thing I have left to say really is that I use Discord and my tag is DrermurrDreamer#2689.

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    Welcome! I live in the DC suburbs Maryland - not too far from the bay, but not nearly as close. So... hi!

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    Hello! Also, your profile picture I see there is strangely funny.

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    Hahaha, yeah, it’s hard to take selfies that show off your tail.

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    It's a lovely tail, anyway!

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