so. some of you may have heard of this event, i don't imagine a lot have, haha. anywho, it's a pirate event that happens every year in june, in westport, washington. it's a three day pirate event, starting on a friday and ending on a sunday. there are booths, games, a kid play area, mini brig battles, and sometimes the tall ships come in for dock tours and mock battles out on the ocean.

it is a mermaid friendly event, though since it's right on the ocean (literally, where the b.o.o.m. pirates usually set up is by the sea wall at the end of the road) i don't think any mers ever went in the water.

it's free to attend, costumes encouraged, there's food and dancers and singers and a lot of stuff.

anyone interested in doing a meetup there? i usually go on saturday because i feel that's the best day, since it starts in the morning and the last event is at night. i have gone in my tail pulled around in a wagon, but i haven't decided if i'm gonna do that this year or not yet.


the deets:

date: june 22nd-24th
location: the dock at westhaven, westport, WA 98595
facebook event page: