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Thread: 'The Accidental Mermaid is Now Live

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    'The Accidental Mermaid is Now Live

    It's available at In a few weeks it will be on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in hard and soft cover and in Kindle and Nook too.


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    YAY! I'm going to have to find that for my shelf. :>
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    Congrats again on the new book!!! Fingers crossed that I can find it over here in England

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    Congratulations! I really like how the cover came out The colors are awesome! I can't wait to read it though I'll have to wait a bit buy it.

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    Congratulations! Who did the cover art?

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    The cover art was done by Robet Xu from Indonesia. I ran across his work on Deviant Art where he's known as 'White Guardian'.

    It's a parody of the original Star Wars movie poster.

    I'm trying to find out if the book is available in the UK and Europe. I think it is or soon will be. I'll let you all know when I do find out.


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    Yes it is available in the UK from the Authorhouse link above, and soon anywhere Amazon books can be found.


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    It is now live on both and Barnes and Noble. B&N has the hardbound version for 25% of the list price. Softbound 12% off.


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    Finally, it is now available for Nook (only $3.43!)

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    YESS! Another Author Friend To support!
    My friend Sheridan Ford just had his first book published. ^_^ the kid's a Genius.
    It just came in the mail today, but he let me read the first couple chapters a few years back.
    SO. GREAT.

    I will definitely see what I can do about getting yours, too, Alveric. After all, fish of a fin....
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    That's so exciting!!!!! How does it feel to be a published author?
    I needed to get some summer reading so when I'm home in two weeks I'll definitely be buying this!


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