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Thread: What was your first mermaid/merman swim like

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    My first tail was for my Princess Aquata cosplay, which I picked up from the tailor literally minutes before I went to A-Kon, so my first swim was in the Hilton pool. With that many people the water was...gross. Never again.
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    Mine was at the lake, well with the monofin. It was a busy, hot summer day and my family was there. They had all judged me for getting the Mahina but I was so excited. I got it in the mail & everyone was excited to open it up. Afterwards they were all telling me how I could get "skins" for it. xD like I know. Haha. My younger brothers were fighting to have a turn with the Mahina monofin. It was pretty great. Boosted my confidence actually

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    I got my first fabric tail last summer and tried it out in my neighbors pool. At first it was a little weird, but after like 10 minutes I never wanted to take it off. I have now gotten to swim all over the place, and I honestly look like a drowning walrus when I don't have my tail on. lol.

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    My first tail was a FinFun Celtic green, I was 9, I think. My first swim was in the lake and the movement and everything came naturally to me. It was very fun. Eventually when I get a silicone I imagine it is harder to get on and off.

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    My first swim was a little over a month ago at the local swimming hall with my Finfolk Productions Glaucus Atlanticus fabric fail, and it was awesome. ^^ It took a moment to get used to the extra drag from the fluke, since my prior experiences were from monofin only, but once I got the hang of it, it was great. The water was warm and nobody really paid much attention to it. I even got some short underwater video clips. Only complaint was that the pool was just 2,5 m deep, so space was a bit of an issue, but even that wasn't impossible.

    My 2nd swim was even better, since I was invited to swim in this 8 m deep pool by a scuba-diving friend who had booked it for her training. So much space!

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    I put on my wife's mono-fin without the tail once and rammed my head into the wall. First and only swim. - Mermaid podcast and Yearly Phoenix Festival

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    Freaking cold. It was January, I had just got my finfolk fabric and really didn't feel like waiting for warmer weather. So I took it to the neighborhood pool, was the only one there, and took it for a swim. I had a neoprene jacket on, it didn't help. I think I went back and forth across the pool twice before going home.

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    My first tail was a purple mermagica tail that the guy I was dating at the time found out I had and asked why I hadnít swam in it yet. I informed him I was afraid of being ridiculed as I was just starting out. We went to his neighborhood pool and I splashed about and i fell in love instantly.

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    My sister asked if I wanted to come help with an underwater photoshoot (not swimming, just helping with details and hanging out), and when I got there she was like "HEY WANNA GET IN A TAIL AND SWIM FOR PHOTOS??" and so I did. And it wasn't the worst, but I definitely did not look all that graceful in photos haha. Full silicone, had never swam in fabric either. Was a party.

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    In my grandparents apartment pool. In a borrowed, very old fin fun tail. I was so excited and had been watching mer YouTube videos for weeks beforehand. It was just as magical and amazing and satisfying as Iíd hoped. And now Iím hooked.

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    I don’t have a tail in real life yet, so I’ve never experienced what it’s like to swim in one. However, I’ve been swimming as a mermaid for years in my dreams. In my dreams, at least, the swim is so smooth-flowing, gliding in the water like I’m an aquatic angel. Once in the water, I let go and just BE. The water is a bit cooler than the air, and it’s both calming and energizing. If a dream places me in a pool, I’ve always liked swimming at the deepest parts where my stomach is almost scraping against the pool floor. I’m a fast swimmer in my dreams. I can’t wait to have a tail in real life so that I can emulate those dreams.

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    I don't remember. I first tried my fin fun monofin at an indoor pool in 2014. Not sure when I used the skin w/ it? Pretty anticlimactic in the pool. The lifeguards were curious and everything went well. Later on mermaids were banned from that pool.

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    I remember mine like it was yesterday... because it was! My FinFun tail came the day before. I slipped it on and hopped in the pool. It was cold, but I didn't care because swimming in a mermaid tail for the first time was amazing. I thought there would be a learning curve, but swimming with the monofin just came naturally. I didn't last very long though, since the pool was so cold. I got to swim a lot more today.


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