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Thread: Pattern Making Specifics, Seam Allowance?

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    Pattern Making Specifics, Seam Allowance?

    Hi! I've finally got the money to proceed with my latex tail this summer But I have a major fear with sizing. I understand for the pattern you take the side of your leg, measure, divide by four and connect the dots basically but I was wondering what people do for a seam allowance. How big should it be and how far off the seam should you sew? Thanks!!!!

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    Use Sasha's How To Make a Mermaid Tail video for making a pattern. Doing measurements every 2-4 inches all the way from your belly button to ankles with major points (stomach, thighs, knees, ankles) plotted first. Not sure if that was a typo, but devide by two, not four. Standard seam allowance for sewing is 5/8ths of an inch, but for people who haven't sewn 1/2in is better. Before you sew on your machine, measure 1/2in from the needle and mark with a small strip of masking tape (or even a sharpie, it will come off with rubbing alcohol as long as you don't use a color with red in it) on the machine. When you sew keep the edge of the fabric on the mark. It will help you not only keep your seem allowance but help you sew "straight". Always use a scrap to practice with first to see how the machine will take the fabric, and how much pull you will need to guide the fabric to keep to the seam allowance.

    Hope that helps! Good luck! Be sure to post- we're always excited to see others works, and help if you need it

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    Thanks a ton!

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    Thanks for this. I was looking for some info on where to measure.

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    I think she meant to divide by 4 but fold the paper in half and mark all of the measurements on one side than cut the pattern so that both sides are even.

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