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Thread: What kind of Accessories Do You Guys Make?

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    What kind of Accessories Do You Guys Make?

    Iím starting my business as little mermaid with a big dream I need help I got all kinds of questions on how

    How do you guys Market your Items?
    Do you guys have lots of Sales?
    What kind of Accessories do you make?

    ~~~Mermaid Auquita~~~

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    ***Mermaid Auquita***

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    I make shell tops, hair clips, hairpieces, necklaces, belts, and even synthetic dreads. I do not advertise anything or sell anything at the moment, but I am working on building and inventory at which point I will probably do an Etsy store and advertise on our local kijiji which is the popular buy and sell platform here and I may also post stuff in the mernetwork forum which is probably the best way. At least for me because I don’t have Facebook and refuse to.
    You could also try selling at farmers markets and festivals?
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