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Thread: Collectibles and Consumerism

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    Collectibles and Consumerism

    OK, eco-minded fellow mers, I'd like to ask your opinion on something! I've been collecting dolls, mainly Barbie-type vinyl fashion figures, for just about as long as I can remember. It's a hobby that brings me great joy and I am extremely passionate about, but I've noticed in eco-friendly circles, the whole idea of collectibles tends to get somewhat of a bad rap, because, let's face it, nobody needs dolls or any other collectible to survive, they take a lot of energy to produce, and are made out of synthetic plastics like PVC which studies have shown to be linked to toxins. For the past couple of years I've switched to collecting in a more socially conscious manner by focusing primarily on buying vintage dolls from local thrift stores and doll shows instead of buying brand-new dolls off the toy store shelves, and I reduced the "want list" I keep of dolls and fashions I'm on the look out for to less than half it was before, although I'm far too sentimentally attached to my "girls" to give away or sell any that I already have. Still, I wonder, in you guys' opinions, are collectibles in and of themselves an un-green concept, or am I doing a good service by "rescuing" old dolls that could've otherwise ended up eventually in landfills? Just curious to hear your thoughts on something that's been on my mind a lot lately!
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    Honestly I don't see a problem with it. You're aware of the problems, you take care of your belongings, and I'm sure if you were ever forced to leave them, you would do so in an eco-conscious manner.
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    [QUOTE=Spindrift;636]You're aware of the problems...

    Exactly! And boy, does the modern toy/collectibles industry have a lot of problems, including using Third World sweatshop labor(though, to be fair, so does the fashion and electronics industries), wasting paper and plastic by using way too much unnecessary packaging which is not easily recycled and thus usually ends up in landfills, and of course countless scandals and recalls when it comes out that they use toxic materials. When I buy at a doll show, I am supporting local individuals who are trying to make a living or supplement their income by being antique/collectibles dealers, and the $$$ I spend at a thrift store sometimes help support some worthy cause.
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    I'm thinking of writing a song parody called "Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!" to the tune of "Boys, Boys, Boys!" by Lady Gaga to celebrate my love of dolls.


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