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Thread: swimtails siren tail

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    swimtails siren tail

    have y'all seen this? i was browsing facebook today and they posted this new release:

    apparently it's also part of their hydra series, so it's scuba fabric and designed to fit the mahina monofin.
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    Looks really nice

    Now I wish I had some money for it
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    It's pretty I would've bought it if I didn't get a betta tail already lol

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    Which beta did you get? Iím caught between the Amazon and the black betas.

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    I canít wait to start seeing some pics and videos of them. Then I think Iíll make my decision. I like the siren line too, but Iíve never been a fan of the Mahina fin shape.

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    Mine is supposed to ship this week. I know of at least one other mer who ordered a betta tail from them. Hopefully there are more out there so pics and vids can come up soon.


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