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Thread: Raina’s splashing fashion !!! Your thoughts ????

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    Raina’s splashing fashion !!! Your thoughts ????

    Did y’all know Raina launched her splashing fashion line? Is anyone else mega excited about this ??????

    who all is planning to buy some of her gear ??? ( I just placed a order for a crop top, capris, and a bag ) lol and I intend to buy more !!!

    yall think she will start a thread via social media for people who buy their products to post pics?

    what do y’all think ?????

    side note y’all excited for her new book? I can’t wait to read it !!! Wondering if her merwrangle will ever write a guide for merwranglers to !!!!

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    Hey Satine, thanks so much for placing an order I hope you enjoy the pieces. and thanks for the support!

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    As in any fashion collection, there are successful models and those that are hard to imagine wearing. But I would like to note that all models of clothes are coolly presented. I did a similar presentation in slide format, it was not easy. The templates that I found on this source helped me a lot, The presentation turned out no worse than Raina's.
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