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Thread: Mahina with Fabric Fantasea Tailskin

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    Mahina with Fabric Fantasea Tailskin

    I wanted a wearable tail with minimal fuss to go over the Mahina and I think I got it. The fantasea tail does fit over the mahina without altering because you can push the foot straps through the fin hole, but it strains the fabric.
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    Cut bevel edges, otherwise they'll wear holes in your tail.
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    Good call, thank you I will.

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    does the fabric still stretch when the monofin is in the tailskin?

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    Is there a way to roll the Mahina up and slide it down through the waist opening? Then unroll it once the fin points are in the fin holes? Thanks for trying this- Iím just about to purchase 2 skins from there to try, but I hate having to return stuff. I definitely donít want to cut my Mahina.... so glad I found this post!!


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