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Thread: Where to buy fishnet material?

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    Where to buy fishnet material?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning on making a top and belt for my renaissance faire costume this year(my bestie is going as a pirate so I figured a mermaid was only appropriate<3) and I'm having a difficult time finding where to buy fishnet material online. All the netting seems way too big, as in, the holes are really huge and I don't think it'll give the sort of coverage I'm looking for. Is there a good amazon listing I'm missing? ):

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    check your local craft store, I buy mine from Michael's. Don't forget to wash it a couple of times to get rid of any smells or chemicals because sometimes its real fishnet
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    The only thing is I live kind of in the middle of nowhere and there's no craft store really convenient ;-; I have to order online. And a lot of the listings I've seen have reviews saying that what they receive is inconsistent or too big or whatever so I'm scared to risk it

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    try searching for decorative fishnet, it tends to be conistent in size.

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