I have a long time fan/client who is seriously dealing with body image. She is 12 years old, and plus size. Her caregiver reached out to me because she really looks up to me, and this year is struggling more than ever because she couldnt find a bathing suit. She even dyed her hair to look like mine. She has been through a lot of difficulty in her life, and her body size has a lot to do with combination of genetics and stress/trauma.

I'd really love to make her a video with plus size mers! I want her to see that we can all be beautiful and feel confident and have fun. I'd really like to have some mers who consider themselves to be plus sized, to just film a little clip saying hello to her, giving her encouragement, and telling her she's beautiful the way she is. We all remember how hard it was to be 12!

If you'd like to help with this, please send a video clip to my fanpage. This is something that could make a real difference for her. Just to know she's not alone, and help her feel good.

She is a beautiful young woman and it breaks my heart she's struggling so much. Thanks!