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Thread: Silicone top question

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    Silicone top question

    Hi everyone, I've been pretty inactive over the past few years, but I'm planning to become more active

    I'm planning to make some silicone tops, like the Octopus ones Merbella studios used to sell (I've always been a huge fan) of course, not the same designs!! ( I'm not even sure I'll be making an octopus, it's just for the sake of having an example). Now while doing some research I found out that they have a bra inside and that the design stuck on with silicone and not like I always thought cast directly with silicone( like you see in h2o).

    Now I'm a bit confused while making the mold for these tops, I mean do you make a cast of your chest while wearing the bra that you'll be wearing as a top and use that as the first part of your double mold? or would you better make a cast of your chest without the bra and sculpt your design directly on there, which you would later stick on a bra.

    In general, I'm just really confused as to where the bra comes into play

    I know that a few years ago there was a mer who had a thread where she made tops like this, but alas, I can't find it anymore, I remember that she just used the bras to push into the silicone while it was curing to give it the right shape, but I'm not completely sure...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    -mermaid kisses!

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    I was wondering about that too. I've been wanting to make a silicone top, but wasn't sure how to fit it to my cheast. Fortunately, I'm pretty small, so I might not have to really make a cast . Lol

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    I was finally able to find the thread again! Which made everything much clearer (thanks to both mers who made the thread: Perth Mers Silicone Top Adventure! )

    @mermaid Holly, I would suggest at least making a mold of your bra, otherwise you'll have no space for your boobs (I'm flat chested as well, but still, you'll want to be comfortable)

    I'm planning to make a full chest mold, probably working with alginate, but I'll have to look at how the prices are now
    I'm still wondering how this works if you wanted to change bras though, I'm not sure about the stretchability of the silicone, Since I've been primarily working with foam latex and gelatine, maybe I'll just have to buy a lot of the same bras then, any bras that are recommended for this kind of work? or can I take whatever?

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    Finfolk recently designed a top (I can't wait to get mine, eeee) that's bra-less and generally a one-size-fits-all design. They designed it off of a vaguely chest-shaped sculpt that adjusts in size using the sashes that tie in the back, so it doesn't need the bra cups at all.

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    Wow they look pretty sweet! I'll be starting this project in the beginning of may, so I still have some time to think about it right now I'm going to start thinking about a few designs and look what the best option is.


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