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Thread: A Thread for All Things Fin Fun

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    I have an Atlantis tail. I will compare it to my 2 year old tidal teal tailskin.

    Tidal teal:
    I took my measurements, because I had no other experience. Concluding from those, I bought a size S. It is from the generation I had to put on tip protectors on myself. I don't really like how they turned out after two years of use: they became yellow, and are quite different in colour now from the rest of the fabric. Also on top it drops. Someone with more experience told my I had a size to big. Because I got a (very) small hole in it on the fluke, I wanted to replace it, and came to the Atlantis tail.

    Sea Dragon Atlantis tail:
    Because my previous tail was one size to big, I decided to immediatly go for one size smaller: the XS. I live in the Netherlands, so had to wait a little. When I ordered, it was wednesday afternoon here, but FinFun had still to start their working day. Next morning for me it was already sent. On Saturday afternoon it arrived in the Netherlands, only to have to wait for clearance on monday, and have it delivered on tuesday. On top it doesn't have a lot of stretch, so it is quite a struggle to get it over my thighs and butt. But when I wear it, it fits slimmer than my tidal teal, which feels a bit loose sometimes. The colours are amazing, almost exactly the same as my screen shows the colours to be! The extra fins feel sturdy, I think it has neoprene in it. I like the movement under water. The heel fins move nicely with the flow. The hip fins are smaller, and move mostly with my movement. I don't have footage, so I can't really see how the dorsal moves. When it came in the dorsal lay down to one side, and when I wear it, I have the idea it still does. I have hopes that when I use it more, and put it away to the other side, it gets better. I had to put the neoprene in the extra fins in it's place a little, especially in the tips (and mostly from the hip fins). It already has inforced tip points, so no stickers to put on to protect them. the colours in the tips have therefore almost the same colour as the rest of the fluke, just slightly darker. I have only swam in it once, but I love it very much. When I went to buy my tidal teal, I said, 'THATīS my tailī. Now I donīt feel that as much as I did, because I love my Sea Dragon Atlantis tail a bit more. Sadly I donīt have pictures yet, only when trying on, and that one is to dark to show the colours in a good way.
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    That is so so so cool.

    I just ordered myself a nebula tail with that new stiffer monofin, and I'm really excited to see how it comes out.

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    I had a swim last sunday, and have to correct myself about the dorsal. It moves nicely while swimming! I finally have some footage so I can see how it moves.

    Sabrina, I am curious how the new monofin swims, can you let us know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MermaidTajia View Post
    I was wondering what everyone's opinion on the Finfun Atlantis was? I am tempted to buy one with a new monofin for it since mine was bent and best sent with a friend of mine so she could learn and practice being a mermaid. Any news from people who have bought one?
    Has anyone else gotten an Atlantis tail? I'm eyeballing them now since my 2014 FF is finally ready to retire and die. Is there a seam in the back? In one pic it looks like there is, running all the way down to the fluke. I'm curious how well reinforced the back fin is, because I tend to do a lot of sitting or scooting around and don't wanna mess it up too soon.

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    Does anyone have a Sea Warrior tail? Fin Fun has no vids of it on Youtube like the other tails and I'm pretty dang sure the pics of it on the site are photoshopped. I asked them over email and their answer was 'buy one yourself to see irl and decide if you like it'

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    I was wondering if anyone had information about the next time fin fun might do a sale regarding their mermaid tails?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungNebraskaMermaid View Post
    I was wondering if anyone had information about the next time fin fun might do a sale regarding their mermaid tails?

    They did one last March where you got a free bikini set and plushie with a tail. I got a full set for like $80. I hope they do it again this year

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    Hi all, Im a newbie when it comes to tail swimming and am looking to order my first tail this spring or summer from Fin Fun! Im a bit on the shorter side (4"11) and am curvy/chubby so Im having a hard time figuring out which size I need... Im looking at the adult large or XL and lord trying to choose a skin is proving challenging cuz theres several I like so I thought maybe i'd get a custom design so I'm working on that...anyway any advice or anything ya'll have I would greatly appreciate

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    I was inspired by BlueCorvidae's freebie tail, so I made a bunch of them! Mostly color variations on three different designs. I posted them all on DeviantArt, so you guys are welcome to them

    I'll try to post them here as well, but no guarantees since I'm new XD

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    Last ones!

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    Oh my gosh, Ashley your speckled tails are gorgeous. Actually, all of them are gorgeous lol but wow! You're really talented!

    How did you get the scales to look so dimensional?
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