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    Archive: "I love Thom's tails!"

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    12/28/10 22:58:02
    I guess I shall be the first to give a shout out to the one and only original Tail Man Mr. Thom Shouse! There is no denying the beauty and professional quality of Thom's tails... it is apparent on film, in pictures and in real life. I have had the pleasure of wearing one of Thom's golden dry tails for a couple photo shoots and a party event. The feeling when it is on is just magical. There are no seams, gaps or monofins visible, which make it look and feel very realistic. Thom himself is also a pleasure and a character to collaborate with. He is full of stories, ideas and enthusiasm for the art of tail making and is also a warm, welcoming person too! Though his tails are more expensive, the quality (both materials and workmanship) is worth it.

    bluemermaid #1

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    12/29/10 10:39:22
    You look Stunning Christine! What a beautiful picture!

    I love Thoms work and I've heard he is a really great guy. His tails are just too expensive for most people. My friend Mike has one, and it's very nice, but you can see the seams. I can see the seam in the photo of you above. He does a good job of disguising them tho. He was the first tail maker I ever saw on the internet, I wanted one so bad, but never could I afford the $10,000 he was charging. I did think about saving up to rent one of his someday but then other tail makers came out that were more affordable. He still does amazing work tho and still one of my favs to this day!
    Sirenade #2

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    12/29/10 21:52:22
    Yeah, I know one of the "seams" is visible on the tail picture above... it is really the overlay of the prosthetic pieces that didn't get finished/smoothed out by the time I had the photo shoot (the new tail was just made right before the shoot). I do notice that the tails can get baggy in the ankle area in certain positions, but they just need some filling around the ankles. The professional movie quality tails look even better.
    raina #3

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    12/31/10 09:36:57
    hey, I saw your photos on deviantART I was chatting with the photographer and I run the mermaid group he submitted them to
    MermaidRaven #4

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    12/31/10 09:51:28
    I love some of his tails, the ones that look like they were made for the person wearing them, but most of the time they just look so baggy. I would like to wear one to see how they swim/feel
    Sirenade #5

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    12/31/10 17:11:51
    Papavicphotography? What mermaid group did he submit them to?
    raina #6

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    01/04/11 18:43:15 I see his stuff on DA all the time!
    Sirenade #7

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    02/20/11 22:12:53
    The $10,000 was just for the Neiman Marcus catalog (Needless Markup XD )

    I am sure if you send him an e-mail, you will get a more reasonable quote.

    Winged Mermaid #8

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    02/22/11 00:57:28
    I asked him for a quote a few years ago and he told me $6,000, $10,000 for a custom one. While I would love to have one- eeks! O_O Then again, you can charge those prices when you're THE TailMan in the biz! I hope to make it up to him some day to rent a tail, swim it in, have some photography fun Some of the pictures of the tails are not flattering, but I think it's a measurement thing. Either way, thanks for the post! Not too many people running around own or have been in a Thom Shouse tail- you're one of the lucky few
    raina #9

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    02/22/11 14:14:58
    I think it's ridiculous. He seems like a lovely man and a talented tail maker, but for 10,000$ you better put those scales on by hand. lol. I see a lot of photoshoots done with his tails where they are too big and baggy often drastically.

    Im curious if they're equipped with monofins etc?
    MermaidRaven #10

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    02/22/11 16:11:50
    They do have monofins in them, The ones in photoshoots are almost NEVER made for the model, he just uses a tail that is closest to the models size. I have seen some of his custom tails and they fit the person much better. Ive heard they are incredibly study. I know people who have them or have worn them and you can stand, hop or whatever on rocks and they are solid.

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    02/23/11 09:47:34
    Mike Van Daal has one of his tails. There is video of him swimming in it on youtube. It looks good on him. His was custom made for him.

    Winged Mermaid

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    02/24/11 14:10:01
    I agree, the people I've seen who have custom tails from him (I've seen around 5 or more, can't remember names at the moment) look really good on them! Not baggy or wrinkly at all!


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    03/07/11 00:18:00
    His tails are so-so to me. I am not a fan of the sharp diamond-shape that the scales fall into on the flukes. Personal preference, though, and I agree that sometimes the tails look too baggy and not at all the best that they could.

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