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Thread: Any warm pools in San Diego that welcome Mermaids?? Canít seem to find any.

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    Any warm pools in San Diego that welcome Mermaids?? Canít seem to find any.

    I live in San Diego, Ca. I love the salt water pool in Coronado, I called and they say no monofin use there. I was wondering if anyone has found pools here that maybe salt water, heated, and welcome mermaiding! I donít mind paying a fee - in Coronado itís $10 a person- you think theyíd let you swim in whatever at that price! Iím thinking about writing management and offering to be a mascot as a way in! Thanks San Diego Mermaids! Any meet up would be welcome too. I am a school teacher and will be off all summer. Unfortunately ( or fortunately), I will miss Tails & Scales, since those are the dates of our Hawaii trip!

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    Are you referring to the pool at the Coronado aquatics center? I didn't know there was a saltwater pool available to the public on Coronado, and that's the only public pool I know of there.

    As for other pools, several YMCAs in San Diego allow monofins, and there were some mers who used fabric tails in a Y pool in Santee. So though it's not salt water, you might be able to mermaid at a Y.

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    I'm from San Diego too and just getting into mermaiding. But lucky enough to have a pool at my complex. Don't know if its chlorine or salt, likely chlorine - but very mild. Maybe next year if the Plunge (Mission Bay/Belmont Park) opens up as scheduled they might allow it (here's hoping right). It was originally a large indoor saltwater pool before it closed.

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    I've had luck at the ymca in mission valley. There are two pools, one is outdoor and deeper but unheated. The inner one is shallow and not as nice for diving but heated at night. There is also an aquatic center in la jolla that I'm pretty sure is cool with mermaiding. I wish you the best in finding a place to swim!

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    The Coggan Aquatic Center ($10) in La Jolla allows tails. As does the Clairemont Public Pool ($4). Otherwise I've swam in my friends' complex pool.

    As long as you call ahead, say you're an adult and go during non-peak times, they're typically okay with it.

    According to the OB Pod: The Pearl hotel and the Lafayette Hotel. OB YMCA and the adult only pool at Hotel Del Coronado.

    ​Hopefully that helps. Most pools are actually heated but for public there's not really salt water options because of the capacity public pools tend to deal with.


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