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Thread: Silicone bra straps question

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    Lightbulb Silicone bra straps question

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the group! Love having such a large collective of like-minded people and ideas.

    I'm about to start on my first silicone top, and I was considering make it a halter style.
    Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to do silicone straps? Can't find any good info on the subject.

    Do you mold them with your overall design, or do you create the strap separately and attach it with silicone afterwards?

    Would love and appreciate the info, thanks!!

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    Hi mermaidaubrey! Sorry I've never worked with silicone before so I can't help there, but I've seen some top makers use netting as the halter straps and attach it to the top. You can check out Sirenallure's Instagram photos. It's an option for you to consider I guess?
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