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Thread: Need Help making a great logo

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    Need Help making a great logo

    is there any mermaid how would like to make a logo. I'm not a artist when it comes to drawing. Please help
    <3 Mermaid Lilac <3

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    How much are you willing to pay for a logo?

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    right now i Have NO money do funeral expenses and lose my summer job. but im will to work with you
    <3 Mermaid Lilac <3

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    While that is understandable, a majority of artists, particularly when you need work for a commercial business, require payment.

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    Yes, I agree.

    If you want a logo, remember artists have to eat and pay bills. Sparkly trade items do not pay bills. Art commissions such as a logo will generally include an up-front deposit before work even starts.

    I would suggest finding someone whose mer-art you like to speak directly with them about what you can afford.

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    I'm a professional graphic designer and a big mermaid fan. I run a side business in which I sell art prints and design services. I have a full-time graphic design job too, so money isn't a big issue for me. I am willing to work with you if you want to make a trade. If you are interested in my professional services feel free to contact me at

    You can visit my website at the link below.

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